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High Income II: Production and Income Trouble-shooting

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So we make good income by having a large population which means meeting their needs, but then also must meet their demands. While needs are met by service buildings, demands are met through production lines. So this part of the series will explain everything you need to know about production, understanding seemingly fluctuating production rates, and how to really gauge whether you’re producing enough or not, minimizing costs of production.

On your island view screen if you tap the the wooden cart icon at the bottom right corner it opens up a screen showing your inventory and island storage. The island storage part is where you get overall production information. The brown icons on the right open up tabs for the various production categories and then to the left of them are each individual product within the selected tab, as shown in this image:
High Income II: Production and Income Trouble-shooting Storag10

Each product’s icon may show an arrow (green pointing up means net positive production; red pointing down means net negative production), or there will not be an arrow if production equals consumption for that product. The icons also have a fill-up bar behind the pictures that indicates how much of the product you have in storage, by percent. The size of your warehouse tells you the amount you can store, for each product. So if your warehouse size is 500, you can have 500 of every product. Tapping any product will show you specific production and consumption values for that product, with the net production being the large, colored number on the top right side. The large black number on the top left is precisely how much of the product you have in storage. As you can see in this picture my wheat consumption is more than production and so I’m losing wheat overall and unless I produce more it’ll eventually run out.

Here are the key points you should know about production:

  1. Production buildings must be in range of and connected by road to either your harbour or a distribution house for the product to be collected. The product is then automatically distributed to where it needs to go next (market or as a resource for higher tier products in a production chain).
  2. Production values as well as the efficiency of a production building do not update immediately after a building is constructed. Efficiency requires at least that 1 item be produced before it is updated, while the change in production values from the storage screen takes at least 10 to 15 minutes and may require even restarting the game before it is reflected. Some people think you should even wait an entire hour before the production values are updated.
  3. A paused production building costs half the normal maintenance
  4. When warehouse is full, the production buildings will automatically pause for that product.
  5. Efficiency of a production building starts to decrease as the warehouse gets nearly full. This will cause the production to drop and values to seem negative even when you might not have changed anything. See the image below. If your storage is close to full and the production is shown as negative, this DOES NOT mean you need to add production, though it might. It could be because of decreased production. However, if you see that your storage is less than half full and production is still negative, then you definitely need to add production or else the product will run out.
  6. What is the timescale of production values? The truth is that remains a mystery and various people have had different opinions that I haven't seen confirmed. Here's my take: Unlike the established 30s timescale for the flow of gold, based on a couple of tests I did I don't think there is a standard 'universal' timescale for products and each product has its own production value timescale relative to its own production times. Therefore, simply go with the flow using the production values you see. Increase as needed and try not to overshoot. (If anyone has a definitive answer to this question, please do share and it will be added to this guide and of course appropriately accredited).

High Income II: Production and Income Trouble-shooting Seemin11

”This building has no more free storage space”??

One of the most common questions. Any production building can only hold 5 of its product at a time. If it reaches 5 and they haven’t been collected it will pause production until they are and will get an exclamation mark hovering above it and give you the above message when you tap it. There is more than one reason why you might have this scenario and receive this message:

  1. Warehouse is full for this product and therefore there is nowhere for it to go. (Though I think with the latest update if this is the case it will say warehouses full instead of the above message). In this case you don’t have to do anything it just means you have a surplus in production. You can leave it or perhaps it is an indication that you might have more production buildings for this product than needed and could pause or get rid of some to lower your maintenance costs. Alternatively it could be an indication that you could start increasing your population.
  2. Collection carts are unable to keep up with all the production buildings. In this case, consider how efficient your setup is, maybe you can move things around to make collection faster. Or build more distribution houses to increase collection, or relocate the building closer to a less busy distribution house. Finally, upgrading to stone roads will increase the collection cart speed and enable them to collect from more buildings.

High Income II: Production and Income Trouble-shooting Full_s11

Troubleshooting poor or negative income:
Have low or negative income and want to know why? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are the needs of all your residents satisfied? Tap a house to check. Are the houses fully populated? If their needs are satisfied, then they should be populating until they are fully populated.
  2. Are the demands of all your residents satisfied? If they are, then you should start building more residents to increase your income. If not all their demands are being met then you need to produce what they are demanding to increase your income.
  3. Do you have free land space to build more residents? If so then do that and they will increase your income. Remember, more satisfied residents = more income.
  4. Do you consistently get the “no more free storage space” message on certain products even after you’ve considered the above section in this guide? If so then you are likely producing more than you need. Consider pausing one or two production buildings to reduce costs or even destroying, until you have a larger population.

Final note: Whenever you add a ‘bunch’ of new residents you may need to add more production to keep everyone satisfied. Adding 1 or 2 new houses probably won’t matter, but adding like 10 or populating a whole new area probably will. So keep an eye on your production over the next few hours to gauge which products will require boosting and then add production but gradually to avoid overshooting. Check back after some time to see how it has changed and add some more if needed until your production is positive again.

That’s all for now. The next post will be shorter and will discuss production chains and efficiency. Hope you liked this post!


oh my god Tea, this is amazing! I'm going to move this info to the new site, unless you want to sign up there and copy/paste it yourself?

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