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1Anno Online Tutorials Empty Anno Online Tutorials on Thu Dec 18, 2014 4:20 pm


I wrote a whole series of Tutorials for Anno Online back when it first released, which is very similar to the state of Anno: Build an Empire. Instead of copying everything over, I'll post annotated links to the threads in their forums, so all the formatting is unchanged.

Iterative Island Instructions a go-to thread all about what kind of islands you can find.

Glossy Ship Gallery a big image of almost all the ship combinations. A:BaE doesn't have all the fancy 80% sails and event ships yet, but maybe soon?

Starting Out: Pioneers and Vassals a step-by-step guide explaining exactly what you need to get through the early stages.

Guild Creation Codex A:BaE doesn't have guilds, but if they ever do, there is a pretty good chance this is what it will cost.

1500 Vassals a comprehensive guide that starts off where "Pioneers and Vassals" ends. How to get ships, and how to get all the way to player trading.

Chat FAQ's a small set of FAQs that I used to answer in chat every couple minutes.

There are many other decent guides in that forum, but sadly of late its been filled with spam and "idk what is happening" threads. If there is demand, I may fine tune some of my calculating spreadsheets and post links to them as well.

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Awesome Damien, thanks for sharing your extensive experience.

3Anno Online Tutorials Empty Re: Anno Online Tutorials on Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:43 am

Jun Yi

Really interesting, thanks for sharing!

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GREAT links, Damien, and a lot of work went into those posts of yours.

In looking through the island maps to figure out where the water will be on my medium herb, I realized something: if you add up the number of deposits + empty deposits on a discovered island, and also factor in the # of fresh water locations, you can determine what island you have found without colonizing it. Myainsel tried it and found all the islands within a size group have different depostis + water totals. So it should work 100%!

ETA: if anyone finds small island "B" (no water, 10 deposits), it is pretty easy & cheap to unlock all the sectors.

If anyone finds medium island "H" (3 water, 13 deposits), the final 3 sectors are a bitch to explore. All three of them require 2.5 million, 900 beer, and 400 meat each. And all the fresh water is in one of those 3. I think it is the largest medium island though. It has 7 sectors in total, where the other mediums all have 4 or 5 sectors.

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Yes, I thought I mentioned it, both in game chat and in the Iterative Island Instructions, that knowing the size/ # of mines/ # of water, you will know exactly what your island looks like. The only random thing is which mines are active.

And yes, B is cheap and easy. H is hands down the worst Medium. It costs as much as a large to unlock, and has a lot of unusable space.

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