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Format of this Forum and Image Posting Tips

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1Format of this Forum and Image Posting Tips Empty Format of this Forum and Image Posting Tips on Fri Dec 12, 2014 2:03 pm


The idea here is that each member here has a thread for their city, and posts screenshots of it as their city grows and evolves. And we can all discuss. Smile

I will be back later myself to share my little empire.

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To take a screenshot on an iPad, press the home button and power button at the same time.

To get the image online, maybe someone knows a better way (in which case I'll edit this post to add it), but I do it this way:

  • I installed the Photobucket app on my iPad (it's free).
  • Open the app, and upload all you like from your iPad camera roll.
  • On a PC, open up in your web browser.
  • Find the image you want to post. Either download to your PC and post using the "host an image" button <or> without downloading the image to your PC, just right-click the image in your photobucket, and choose "copy image location". Then use the "insert an image" button and paste in the "url" box. Or if you're like me and find typing it out easier, type Format of this Forum and Image Posting Tips  paste the image location (with no spaces).

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If you dont want to download an app, the forum here has a built in upload feature. You can directly upload from camera roll and add to your post as well.

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Here's how I upload images from the computer.
1. I first transfer the image from my mobile device to the computer.

2. Then in the chat box find the edit tool that says "host an image" when you hover over it. It looks like a picture behind a floppy disk; millennials if you don't know what a floppy disk is then I feel sorry for you >.<

3. Choose the image source from your computer and click "host it". Wait for it to upload and it will give you 3 url options. Copy the last one (image url) and go back to the chat box.

4. Click the tool next to the previous one, it says "Insert an image" if you hover over it and looks like a framed picture with a plus sign. Then paste the url under where it says URL. Click insert. You should now see a coded line in your text box. Leave that there, it is the link to your image

5. If you try to preview and if you have done it properly then you should see the image within the post. That's it!

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Thanks the post looks better when we can see image directly

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